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Notes on Co. D, 6 Missouri Infantry for Jul and Aug 1862, stating, This muster roll embraces the companies of Capts. Harris and McDonald consolidated Aug 28, 1862, by order of Brig. Gen. Little commanding Division.

This roll accounts for all the names appearing on the two rolls of Capts. Harison and McDonald the remarks carried[?] as to pay due to as far as I have been able to ascertain from the information before me, Capt. McDonald has made a pay roll for his old company up to June 30, 1862, but the men have not been paid as yet, to a later period than April 30, 1862.

The two companies under their respective Captains were in the Naval Engagements of the 15th July on board the Gunboat Arkansas.

The recapitulation exhibits eight resigned which are the officers of the old company, not embraced in this.
Notes on Co. A, 22 Louisiana Infantry for Jul and Aug 1862, stating, The 1st Co., 23rd La Vols., attached to Pinkney's Battery participated in all the actions during the bombardment of Vicksburg losing two (2) men in battery during that time. A detachment of this company was furnished the CS Ram Arkansas on her passage from the Yazoo River to Vicksburg, one man of said detachment being killed in passing enemy's fleet.

On the 4th of August a second detachment was sent on board Ram Arkansas on her meditated attack on Baton Rouge.

(This Pinkney is not R. F. Pinckney, who prematurely  burned his boats at the raft on the Yazoo River, escaping with his chicken and poodle.)



Here are links to each regiment's "Record of Events" cards ( mentioning the Arkansas.

22 Louisiana Inf, Co. A, attached to Pinkney's battery at and 23 Louisiana Inf, Co. A

6 Missouri Inf., Co. D at pg. 1 and at pg. 2



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