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This photo was taken in late summer 1863 at Fort Warren Prison off Boston.  Some of these men are crewmen of the Caleb Cushing and the Tacony, Charles W. "Savez" Read, commander. The previous summer, some of these men served on the CSS Ram Arkansas on the Mississippi River. At least four of those men are identified here.

Here, the photo has been cut in two parts.

Key to above photo

1 Master T. L. Wragg
2 Lieut. Moses, CS Army
3 Gunner T. B. Travers*
4 First Assistant Engineer Morrill
5 Second Assistant Engineer L. G. King
6 Master Mate J. B. Beville
7 Pilot Hernandez

* Currently known to be on the CSS Ram Arkansas

8 Midshipman Peters
9 Capt. Underwood, CS Army
10 Maj. Boland
11 Second Assistant E. H Brown*
12  Third Assistant Engineer J. S. West
13 Master Alldridge
14 Master Mate John Billups
15 Capt. Sanders, CS Army

Photo courtesy of US Naval Historical Center

Key to above photo


16 Pilot Fleetwood
17 Master Mate N. McBlair
18 Reid Saunders, CS Army
19 Lieut. A. Bobot [
Alphonso Barbot?*]

20 Pilot Austin


* Currently known to be on the CSS Ram Arkansas



21 Charles W. "Savez" Read*

22 Samuel Sterritt, CS Army
23 Midshipman John  A. G. Williamson
24 _____
25 Commander W. A. Webb


NOTE: To read more about the, yes, truly daring, exploits of the CSN men, see the Bibliography.



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