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3 Shacklett, James R.

ORN I-19 pgs 68-69 I had the misfortune during the running fight to lose the services of Mr. J. R. Shacklett, our Yazoo River pilot, who was disabled by a slight contusion in the head.


From a report dated 16 Jul 1862 of Lt. I. N.  Brown, Capt. of the Arkansas, where it is noted that James R. Shacklett was among the eighteen wounded 15 Jul 1862 "in our three actions yesterday with the enemy's fleet on the Mississippi River...." ORN 1-19, pg 70.


Fifteen men were wounded and 3 badly wounded. Shacklett was wounded slightly in the head.


See also where Shacklett continues serving the Confederacy as a civilian pilot. (Officers in the Confederate States Navy, pg. 124)



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