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4 Gilmore, William Pilot

After the 1st battle of 15 Jul, I. N. Brown reported that pilot “Mr. Gilmer” (later corrected to Gilmore) behaved with great coolness.”


A report dated 16 Jul 1862 of Lt. I. N. Brown, Capt. of the Arkansas, it is noted that William Gilmore was among the 12 killed 15 Jul 1862 "in our three actions yesterday with the enemy's fleet on the Mississippi River...."


ORN 1-19, pg 69. William Gilmore was a Mississippi River pilot. He was killed in the third battle of the day, 15 Jul.


Fisher Funeral Home Records, pg 198, lists this --

"Unknown, 17 Jul 1862 [date of burial]; A Pilote & Fireman Killed on Arcansas."


These two burials may have been those of Gilmore and Fireman Cusick.





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