24 Cenas, Hilary

From “Booth’s Index To Louisiana Soldiers Service Records” at http://www.lascv.com/booth.htm.


The http://www.lascv.com/b13.html has Cenas, Hilary, Born in Louisiana. Apptd from Louisiana. Formerly Midshipman, U. S. Navy. Acting Lt., Dec. 24th, 1861. Lt. for the War, Feb. 8th, 1862. Second Lt. Feb. 8th, 1862. First Lt., Oct. 2nd, 1862. First Lt. Provisional Navy, June 2nd, 1864, to rank from Jan. 6th, 1864. Served on C. S. Steam Ram Arkansas, 1862. C. S. S. Gaines, 1862-3. Special service abroad, 1864. Battery Semmes, James River, 1864. 


At left -- This photo of Lt. Hilary Cenas has been cropped from a larger photo from the collection of  R. Thomas Campbell in his Fire & Thunder: Exploits of the Confederate Navy, pg. 174.

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