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52 Allen, Caleb W.

6 Kentucky Mtd Inf, Co. H From “C. W. Allen on furlough”
From Captured at Chickamauga 24 Nov 1863, died of variola 13 Mar 1864; buried grave number 807 south of prison barracks at Rock Island Barracks, Illinois.
 From History of the First Kentucky Brigade, by Edwin Porter Thompson (1868), pg. 122 – “One attack upon the “Arkansas” occurred on the morning of the 22nd, shortly after sunrise. The Essex came down to where the ram lay, at the levee, and having given it a furious broadside, attempted to grapple and board it, but was foiled, and withdrew. A detail from Helm’s and Preston’s brigades had been made to supply the place, temporarily, of those who had been killed and wounded, on the morning of the 15th. Some of them were on board and assisted in repelling the attack of the “Essex;” and one, Caleb W. Allen, distinguished himself by his exertions and intrepidity in working a heavy gun, and anticipating the movements of a Federal officer who attempted to enter a port-hole during a pause between discharges of his piece, and whom he killed with a pistol-shot."

This author supplies a biography, (pg. 816) of this Kentucky volunteer to the Arkansas: "Caleb W. Allen, Burksville, Ky., fought at Shiloh; during the first siege of Vicksburg, he was transferred to the navy, and fought heroically on the ram "Arkansas" July 22, 1862.... He returned to the Sixth Regiment in the autumn, and fought at Murfreesboro', Jackson, and Chickamauga. He was taken prisoner on the retreat from Mission Ridge, November 26, 1863, and died of disease at Rock Island, Illinois." 






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